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What to Look For When Buying a Cooker in Kenya

Are you one of those people who relaxes in cooking and could you spend an entire afternoon in the kitchen?

Or do you prefer fast execution and that your meat is just as juicy? Knowing the different built in oven options, depending on the type of cooking, will help you with your choice.

You will hallucinate with the possibilities!

Induction Cookers

We could say that built in cookers and hobs are lifelong ovens . This type of oven heats through its resistances that are commonly placed in the lower and upper part of the interior cavity of the apparatus.

This is the most extended range in the market, although more limited in terms of performance as it is the most basic option. Soon you will know very succulent alternatives ...

See this type of Newmatic built in induction cookers in Kenya

Multi-function Ovens

The ovens or turbo multi function  are the natural evolution of the conventional oven. Currently, because of the versatility it gives in the cooking of day-to-day recipes, they are a trendsetting device. As manufacturers have been including functions that give greater ease in cooking and bring professional kitchen to our homes.

Normally all multi function ovens have a grill and incorporate a convection system . Its strong: It has many cooking programs of the most varied . Each time they include a greater number of functions such as: steam function , combination of steam with heat, slow roast, fermentation, wood oven function… and many more.

In this types of multi function ovens, those with microwave function and steam function reach the market as an innovation in the kitchen . We tell you all the advantages of having each of them at home:

Ovens with Microwave function

This type of oven is generally smaller and combines microwave cooking with those of the conventional oven. In this way, cook food inside and out at the same time . They are faster than conventional and have a lower power consumption. 

Thanks to the combination of a conventional program with the microwave function you can significantly shorten the preparation time and, depending on the dish, save up to 30% of time .

Another advantage is space saving.


They are more energy efficient than electric ones, but they are less common at the time of installation, since initially they are much more expensive, but in the long run they come to mind if the oven is used enough.

One of the differences between the two would be for example, the level of humidity, the gas oven produces a more humid heat than the electric one, preventing food from drying out.

Gas hobs are greener than electric ones, natural gas emits less greenhouse gases during combustion. An example of these hobs in Kenya would be this model.

At Newmatic you can choose between these three types of ovens, but to choose the one that best suits your needs you must also take into account other important details such as the dimensions, the functions you need to make your favorite recipes, the design that best suits you , or even the type of door opening. Here we talk a little more about all of them!

What measurements exist?

Ovens 60 cm high , which is the most common measure or 45 cm high ovens .

They are called built in ovens , which share virtually the same functions and benefits with their older siblings, but are specially designed to occupy less space in the kitchen , and even incorporate a variety of cooking techniques (microwaves and steam).

Choose the oven design that fits your kitchen

In addition to all the aspects that we have already explained, at Newmatic you can also find different oven designs . So it is much easier to choose the one that really fits the kitchen you are looking for. Which of these two do you prefer?

Crystal Series ovens : they have an elegant finish in three colors (white, black or anthracite gray) that perfectly fit the new design trends. And the advantages of this material are on the one hand aesthetic, since they combine with the rest of the appliances of the same series, and functional, since the glass is super easy to clean.

Steel Series ovens : this material is a classic that never goes out of style. A perfect finish to give elegance to the kitchen and that, of course, combines perfectly with other Newmatic kitchen appliances.

Choose the best features

Do you already have more or less clear what kind of oven you need? For a perfect choice you just have to take into account some final details:

Functions : Newmatic ovens are designed to suit all tastes. They have between 5 and 12 different functions , so you can choose according to the use you are going to give it.

If you are looking for an oven with the most complete equipment, you can choose one of these models , with which you will even get roasted at the perfect point thanks to the Thermoset , always with the certainty that the temperature inside the food is adequate .

Do you want your oven to clean itself?

Thanks to pyrolysis , many of the Newmatic models are cleaned automatically without any effort, just remove the remains of ash when cleaning is finished.

In addition, the assistant will also give you a hand to make cleaning a little easier in your day to day. It is a fast, simple and ecological method that only needs water with a little soap to soften the dirt and make it easier to remove.

Do you like both options? Well, with these kiln models it is no longer necessary to choose between pyrolysis and aqualysis, since they include both.

Type of door : the way to open your oven is also more important than it seems, and that's why in Newmatic you can choose between two options. You can choose an oven with removable door , which move outwards parallel to the floor.

Another option is a furnace with hinged door , which is sure to be much more familiar and is perfect if you are going to install the oven in a column. In the image you can better see the difference between the two.

Remember that multi function ovens incorporate many features through different functions such as automatic cleaning systems or special cooking programs. As well as premium designs and control via display, this makes us move in a wide range of prices.

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