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What material for kitchen sink is best?

Today, decoration is welcome to all the rooms of the house. A kitchen is a real place of life, passage, and relaxation.

The rooms of the house are arranged and decorated according to trends. How about changing your sink?

It is a centerpiece of your kitchen. It adjusts to your decor with style. Play with materials, colors, shapes and energize this space!

What material for my sink?

Stainless steel: The Professional

Stainless steel is a resistant material and very easy to clean. Its brushed metal effect color brings a modern touch to your kitchen.

There are several types of stainless steel. If the satin stainless steel does not support scratches, the honeycomb stainless steel avoids this problem.

As for the stainless steel micro structure, it prevents scratches and allows the water not to stagnate. These qualities make it the favorite sink in professional kitchens.

Stoneware or ceramic: The traditional

Traditional glazed stoneware or ceramic are some of these materials that combine solidity and ease of maintenance over the long term.

Be careful all the same with strong shocks, because they could crack.

You will have the choice among the colors of the shades of gray, brown or even frank colors like black and white.

Straight or rather rounded shape, this sink adapts to your tastes and your desires!

Granite: the elegant

Granite is comparable to natural stone. It is an elegant material that seduces with its nuances of colors, from brown to white and from black to gray.

It brings an incomparable charm to your kitchen. Its solidity and resistance to scratches and heat are major advantages.

Resin: the colorful

Synthetic resin is an alloy of fiberglass and synthetic resin. Light and resistant material, these sinks fit perfectly in all types of kitchen.

Consider regular cleaning to maintain its shine. Thanks to this type of sink, color invites itself into your kitchen!

Bright and frank colors, red, blue, green or even orange, you just have to choose!

Tempered glass: the luxurious

Tempered glass is particularly original and in tune with the times! It offers a sober and refined design.

Beware of cleaning and traces.

Consider damp microfiber cloths and a glass cleaner to preserve its shiny appearance.

Added to a sink with rounded shapes, you will enchant your kitchen.

Waxed concrete: the refined

Waxed concrete is solid. It resists thermal shock, impact, it is waterproof and easy to clean. It allows many finishes, raw, smooth, or even satin.

Although it is more expensive, it has the advantage of being custom-built and the choice of colors is very wide.

Have you finally chosen the material that suits you? Did you find the perfect color? Then you just have to choose its shape.

What possible configuration for my sink?

If you do not have enough space, opt for a sink with a single bowl or possibly a tray associated with a drip tray.

However, if you have a large family and you need to wash, rinse and drain at the same time, it will be more pleasant to have a sink with two bowls and to be able to take advantage of its accessories (drainer, cutting board ...).

What shape to choose?

Rectangular sinks are no longer alone on the market! You can also opt for sinks in various shapes and trends.

Classic rectangular sinks optimize space.

They adapt to all kitchens. Square sinks are often small and fit perfectly into small spaces.

Round sinks are less practical for doing the dishes but give a softer and more fluid appearance to your decoration.

To be highlighted, it is essential that your kitchen design is spacious because they take up a lot of workspace.

Corner sinks are generally built into a piece of furniture that meets specific characteristics.

What type of sink?

To finish with an aesthetic and practical touch, what type of sink to choose?

The sink to be installed: it is placed directly on a suitable piece of furniture or support. It must correspond exactly to the size of the furniture on which it is placed.

However, it is not as decorative as a built-in sink.

The built-in sink: the worktop is cut out and the sink is placed on top. The worktop aesthetically hides the tubs and piping.

The integrated sink: it is one with the worktop. There are no edges, seams or demarcations, which makes cleaning easier and frees up space.

You have all the information to choose your kitchen sink in Kenya and boost your decoration!

If you hesitate between two models and depending on the configuration of your piping, do not hesitate to call a professional who will answer all your questions.

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