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Where to put the fridge in the kitchen?

Be aware that you will have two possibilities to integrate your refrigerator into the kitchen.

You can opt for a freestanding refrigerator that you will place in the place of your choice in the kitchen.

It can be slid between two pieces of furniture or under a worktop depending on its size. The front of the refrigerator will then be visible in the kitchen.

In this case, be aware that many refrigerators now have aesthetic qualities.

There are models in color to adapt to the rest of the kitchen but also decorative tips like stickers or magnets to dress them up.

The second solution is to choose a built-in refrigerator.

The refrigerator will, therefore, be included from the design of the kitchen and it will be hidden behind the front of a piece of furniture in your kitchen line.

Your kitchen will then have a very harmonious continuity because it will be difficult to suspect the location of the fridge.

Be aware that you can always add a built-in refrigerator to your kitchen after design, but this will require some additional work.

The location of the refrigerator

The location of the refrigerator is not only a question of space, but we must also think about the practicality of its position.

So, if you have the choice, integrating the fridge in a kitchen rather than a pantry will save you unnecessary trips.

Besides, in the kitchen, it's the same thing: think of the journeys you make when you cook!

Thus, if it is customary to place the sink near the hobs and the worktop for practical reasons, it will be the same for the refrigerator.

Do not place it too far from the worktop because it is during the preparation of dishes that you will most need access to this appliance.

For best performance, avoid placing the refrigerator near a heat source. So keep it as far away from your hob and oven as possible.

Also, remember to respect the integration standards because some refrigerators need a more or less ventilated location.

For free laying, always allow a little margin.

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